Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan Update


The Parish Council are pleased to advise that R J Bryan, B.A. Hons. M.R.T.P.I. the independent examiner appointed to examine Oxspring Neighbourhood Development Plan, is pleased to announce that the Plan, as modified by his recommendations, should proceed to a Referendum.

His recommendations have been accepted and approved by both Barnsley Council Planning Department and Oxspring Parish Council.  His report is attached for your information in the document titled "OPC NP Examiner Report".

BMBC have also formally agreed that the plan can go forward to Referendum. See document titled "Oxspring NPD Regulation 18 Decision Statement". 

We are now making arrangements regarding a date for the Referendum.  We will advise residents as soon as we have a final date for this to take place.

Thank you to all those who supported this process, who stuck with it through the difficult times, and supported us, when we thought we would never get this far.

Hopefully the final stage is now in sight. 

The final version of the Neighbourhood Development Plan is below.  See document "Referendum NDP v3 250219 (Final Version)"