Oxspring Draft Neighbourhood Plan

We are pleased to advise you that the Draft Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Barnsley Council Planning Department earlier this month. 

It is now the responsibility of Barnsley Council's Planning Authority to ensure that our plan complies with all relevant statutory requirements and to be satisfied that we have submitted a Basic Condition Statement together with all the other relevant documentation.

The Local Planning Authority must then publicise the Draft Neighbourhood Plan for a minimum of six weeks.  They will invite representations regarding our Plan, notify any consultation bodies referred to in our Basic Condition Statement and send the Draft Neighbourhood Plan to independent examination.

BMBC Planning Authority will send a list of independent Examiners to the Parish Council and we are able to select which Examiner we would like to undertake the work on our Neighbourhood Plan.

The Examiner is limited to undertaking that our Plan meets the Basic Conditions.  The Examiner is not testing the soundness of the Draft Plan or examining other material considerations and it is expected that the Examiner of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan will not call a Public Hearing.  Rather, the Examiner will usually reach a view by considering written representations.   If the Examiner is satisfied,  then it will be recommend that the Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to Referendum.

The one thing we have no control over is how quickly Barnsley's Planning Authority deal with our submission. 

We will be in regular contact with them and will keep you updated via the Parish Council web site and the Neighbourhood Plan web site. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Ann Walker – Tel: 01226 379895.