Barnsley Local Plan Update

Fantastic News !!

We have been informed that sites EC6 and EC7 on Sheffield Road, Oxspring are being removed from the Barnsley Local Plan.

Their statement is as follows:

"In light of the representation from Historic England we have re-considered the proposed sites EC6 and EC7 at Oxspring. We have considered the option of retaining the proposed allocations and adding the heritage hatching which would retain the allocation with a significantly reduced yield. However we don’t think exceptional circumstances exist to justify this approach given the number of units that could be accommodated when balanced against the amount of Green Belt release required to facilitate those units. There may be a potential for future windfalls where appropriate which could be allowed under NPPF paragraph 89 bullet point 5, in respect of providing limited affordable housing for local community needs. The Council therefore does not wish to continue to propose sites EC6 and EC7 as modifications."


From us all at the Oxspring Parish Council thanks for all your support.

Mission Accomplished