Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Result

Local people turned out to give their views and voted in favour of the Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan at the Referendum which was held by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

On Thursday 2nd May 2019 voters in Oxspring took to the polls to vote in their Neighbourhood Plan referendum. 

A majority voted in support of the Plan with 85% in favour of the Plan going forward. 

In total 407 votes were cast with a percentage turnout of 44.6%.

The Referendum was held to determine local support for the Plan, and whether this should form part of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s process for assessing future planning applications across the neighbourhood area.

For the plan to officially get the go-ahead it will need to be adopted by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council who, have eight weeks to do so. 

However, as the Plan has now been approved at the Referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan comes into force as part of Barnsley's Local Development Plan and Barnsley's Development Management team will be briefed to that effect.

Oxspring Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all those who supported the hard work that went in to producing the Plan and a particular thank you to those who turned out to vote to ensure that the Referendum was a truly representative view of the residents of Oxspring.