Further to representations by Oxspring Parish Council, Oxspring residents, the Oxspring Neighbourhood Plan Group, and other statutory bodies we wish to advise you of Barnsley Council’s current position on sites in Oxspring.


In light of the representations, and specifically those from Historic England, Barnsley Council have re-considered the proposed sites EC6 and EC7 at Oxspring and we are happy to confirm that these two sites have now been dropped from Barnsley's  Local Plan.  However, Barnsley Council have indicated that there may be a potential for future windfall sites where appropriate, which could be allowed under NPPF paragraph 89 bullet point 5, in respect of providing limited affordable housing for local community needs. Barnsley Council therefore does not wish to continue to propose sites EC6 and EC7 as modifications.


In line with discussions at our public meeting in early April, we are still supporting the development of Site EC8 on Roughbirchworth Lane and this site will remain in Barnsley Council's Local Plan as a potential site for building.


We are also pleased to report that at the  recent hearings held by the Local Plan Inspector, Sarah Housden, it was confirmed by Barnsley Council that there are NO  plans for any large scale developments in Oxspring.


The above is completely in line with our Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan.