Corona Virus Announcements

Cancellation of Parish Council Meetings

In light of the Corona virus and the fact that we are awaiting further advice from the YLCA.

Parish Council business will still continue as normal but without the face to face meetings scheduled.

All but extraordinary meetings have been cancelled. until further notice.

If you think that any council member can help in anyway during this present time please contact the clerk at please follow the Government guide lines and stay safe


Public Rights Of Way information for users and landowners

Following concerns from landowners and householders who have public rights of way going through their yards and gardens BMBC have pulled together some information for users and landowners; and downloadable posters on their website see the link below.


General Announcements

Parish Council latest meeting 

the minutes of the September 2020 Parish Council Meeting minutes can be read here.


Oxspring Children’s Play Area

Please be aware that the play area will be closed for safety reasons on Wednesday the 14th October 2020 to allow for tree maintenance work to be completed.

Notices will be placed on the entrance gate in due course.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Summer 2020 Newsletter

Please follow the link bellow to view the latest Newsletter.

Also please be aware that the Parish Council meetings continue to be cancelled as Saint Aidens hall is unavailable for hire due to the current crisis.


Rural Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

To find out more about this scheme please click on the following link.


Parish Council Newsletter

The Winter 2019 Newsletter has been issued and can be viewed here on line.

The Parish Council are investigating more efficient and cost effective ways of distributing the newsletter if you are prepared to accept an Email copy as opposed to a hand delivered copy then please contact the Parish Council at



South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is currently working hard with local education providers, parents and youth community groups to promote concessionary travel for young people living in South Yorkshire and encouraging applications.

You can find out more information by following the link below then following the other links displayed in our post.


BMBC Public Waste bin Consultation

Barnsley MBC Neighbourhood Services department have recently carried out a public consultation on public waste bins.

They have consulted with the Parish Council, and the Parish Council have provided feedback on which bins are well used or regularly overflow.

They are also moving towards a policy of not having separate bins for dog waste as dog waste can be put in regular public bins.

BMBC have stated that where there are regular bins next to dog waste bins, the dog waste bins will be removed, and also where there is less than 20 meters between bins, then one will be removed.  As a result of the Consultation BMBC have identified 5 public bins in Oxspring that they wish to remove, and 1 new one that they will install.

Of the bins identified for removal in Oxspring, four are dog waste bins and 1 is a regular bin.  Three of the dog waste bins earmarked are located adjacent to a regular bin, therefore please put your dog waste in the regular bin instead.  The 4th dog waste bin earmarked for removal is at the top of the Trans Pennine Trail steps at the Roughbirchworth Lane entrance.  This bin is very well used, therefore BMBC have agreed to replace the dog waste bin here with a regular waste bin which will have larger capacity.  Lastly, there is 1 waste bin on Sheffield Road in the village centre that will be removed as there is less than 20 meters between two of the bins.

All bins will be numbered and monitored on an electronic system keeping track of when they have been emptied and whether they are overflowing/well used.


Village Planters.

As you are all aware there are a number of planters located around the village which are cared for by local residents.

Presently there is one planter which has not been adopted by any resident.

This is situated in the main square within the Willows and it would be nice if this was maintained by a resident living in that area.

An allowance can be claimed for plants and other materials towards the upkeep of each planter and each year they are entered into a competition and prizes awarded for those which are judge to be the best three.

Should you wish to maintain this planter please contact the Parish Council at email:  clerk@oxspring-parish