Parish Plan

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1.   General.

Aim. - To maintain Oxspring as a very pleasant place to live.

Objectives. —

    To ensure high everyday maintenance and repair of all areas within the Parish Council control.

    To ensure the appropriate agencies/services providers maintain their area responsibilities to a high standard.

     To promote new amenity developments for all ages and maintain and repair these to a high standard.

    To develop a system of monitoring, reporting and funding for all the areas and developments.


Aim. - To protect, retain and maintain those natural areas and features, which contribute to Oxspring's wider environment.

Objectives, -

     To liase with those agencies and service providers responsible or who have an interest in doing the same.

    To assist in maintaining the parish and village's surrounding environment and heritage.

    To seek outside assistance including financial aid to do this.

Aim, - To listen to the community in developing future amenities and play a full role in developing those with strong support from the different aspects of the community.

Objectives, -

    To consult the community at each stage in the development of ideas into reality.

    To develop partnerships in the progression of new ideas.

    To assist in the funding of the development of new projects either directly or through partnerships or through grants.


2.   Transport.

Aim. - To influence the improvement of public transport.

Objectives. -

    To actively encourage use of local bus services and nearby train services for local and commuting journeys.

     To represent concerns from the community to service providers.

    To continue to lobby for the provision of an Oxspring station on the existing Huddersfield -Barnsley - Sheffield line.

    To work with bus service providers to match community needs with service.



3.   Safety.

 Aim.— To help to make Oxspring a safer place.

Objectives. -

    To ensure future concerns from the community are passed to those responsible. South Yorkshire Police on community policing and road traffic issues. BMBC Highways on street lighting, highway repairs, road safety, and traffic calming. BMBC Continuing Education on youth provision.

    To ensure the findings of the Village Survey are passed to the appropriate agencies.



4.   Information.

Aim. - To provide -wider information to residents of the parish.


    Develop a village/Parish Council web-site.

    Invite service providers (such as for welfare, jobs, education and training etc.) to utilise the web-site, Parish Council Noticeboards and Newsletters.

    Provide information for groups of residents to form their own Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

    Consider providing more information points on local history and walks in the parish.

Aim. — To disseminate the findings of the village survey and plan.

Objectives. -

     To include the plan on the web-site.

    To summarise findings to "interested" residents in a hard copy form.

    To include details/summaries/reports in the Newsletters.

     To send hard copy to agencies/service providers and publicise the web-site.


5.   Projects. 

 Aims. -

These fall into three main umbrella projects.

    To investigate the suggested projects in detail and progress those which have maximum multi group usage and support.

    To incorporate the ideas suggested from the Village Survey by residents.

Playingfleld Development. Objectives. -

    To improve the drainage.

    To provide for and encourage multi sport usage.

    Add facilities to provide for 7-17 year groups.

    Add facilities to provide for 3-7 year groups.

    Improve landscaping and provide litter bins.

Community Hall. Objectives. -

    To provide for cross age group usage, with multi functions and for multiple use. To cater for Senior Citizen, 3-7year, 7-17year, and Community groupings.

    Enable safe off-street parking and set within a landscaped well lit area with full accessibility.

Landscaping. Objectives. -

    To include developing a partnership with TPT in order to improve facilities, access and environment of the trail. This includes car parking and information points.

    Look to more provision of flowers, trees and shrubs throughout the parish as appropriate with more litterbins and doggy-bins.

    Re-examine the Bower Dell area plan, which has been policy of the two previous Councils. This incorporates TPT parking, information points, planting and other landscaping.

    Be prepared to ensure that if the TPT should be closed an alternative off-road route is chosen which may include negotiations for a riverside walk from Willow Bridge to Bower Hill. Again this was policy of previous Councils.


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