Parish Council Members

Membership from May 2015


Councillor Ian Goldthorpe (Chair)
Malydon, Bower Hill, Oxspring. S36 8YE
Tel: 01226 766362


Councillor Emily-Rose Gratton-Rayson
Hillside, Manor Lane, Oxspring. S36 8WD
Tel: 01226 766322


Councillor Alison Mills
12 Brookfield, Oxspring. S36 8WG
Tel: 01226 379910


Councillor Graham Sedgwick
10 Mayfield, Oxspring. S36 8YN
Tel: 01226 764350 

Councillor Freda Shaw
2 East Road, Oxspring. S36 8YG
Tel: 01226 767070


Councillor Ian Stanley
12 East Road, Oxspring. S36 8YG
Tel: 01226 764220


Councillor Ann Walker (Vice Chair)
9 Brookfield, Oxspring
Tel: 01226 379895


Clerk to the Council, & Allotments Manager: Stephanie Tolson
43 Nether Royd View, Silkstone Common, Barnsley. S75 4QQ.

Tel: 01226 792657


Finance Sub-Committee Membership from 2015
Councillor Walker, Councillor Shaw, Councillor Sedgwick, Clerk.

The registers of interests of members can be found below:

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