Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

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Minutes of Meetings


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Terms of Refence

1 Introduction
Oxspring Parish Council has agreed with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to work together and produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan. In order to produce the plan we will establish a Steering Committee to carry out the required work programme.
2 Membership of the Steering Committee
The Steering Committee will be made up of local people from the Parish
  • There will be 6 people in total
  • There will be 2 people from the Parish Council
  • These individuals will be agreed/nominated by the Parish Council but do not have to be members of the Parish Council
  • The Steering Committee may form sub-committees (which do not have to be members of the Steering Committee) to consider various themes involved in producing the Neighbourhood Development Plan.
It is acknowledged that much of the work required to produce a Neighbourhood Plan will be carried out through these sub committees.
3. Roles and Responsibilities of the Steering Committee
i.        The primary purpose of the Steering Committee is to plan for, prepare and research the necessary work required to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. It will act under the auspices of the Parish Council to whom the Steering Committee will report.
ii.      It will report to and liaise with the Parish Council, keeping them appraised of the progress of the plan and ensuring that they continually represent their views and concerns.
iii.    It will liaise, in consultation with the Parish Council, with the local community, promoting the plan, answering concerns and questions and driving any necessary public consultation events.
iv.    It will liaise with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council's Planning Strategy Department during the neighbourhood Planning process to establish any future development needs of the area.
v.      It will liaise with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council's Planning Strategy Department during the Neighbourhood Planning process to develop policies to inform the future development and use of land in the area.
vi.    It will identify and define the development boundaries applicable to the plan.
vii. It will work together to draw up the Neighbourhood Plan and any revisions to reflect the on-going consultation process.
   viii. It will support the parish Council through the Referendum process.
     ix. It will ensure that meetings are accurately and appropriately minuted and reported to the    Parish Council.
       x. It will ensure that there is full transparency and engagement with local communities and it            will operate in an open and inclusive manner.
     xi. It has responsibility for preparing and presenting a budget to the Parish Council for approval          and endorsement.
4. Responsibilities of all members of the Steering Committee
  • To ensure that the probity of the Committee and its work is open and transparent. 
  • All members of the Steering Committee must declare any personal interest that may be perceived as being relevant to any decisions or recommendations made by the Committee. This may include membership of an organisations, ownership of interest in land (directly or indirectly) or a business or indeed any other matter likely to be relevant to the work undertaken by the Steering Committee. 
  • To ensure that there is no discrimination in the plan-making process and that it is an inclusive, open and transparent process to all Committees in both the local community and those wishing to undertake development or be involved in the process in the Parish. 
  • Members of the Steering Committee will treat other members of the Committee with respect and dignity allowing members to air their views without prejudice and interruption. 
  • Members of the Steering Committee have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the Neighbourhood Plan area as a whole and to contribute to the preparation of a long-term plan that will enhance the economic, social and environmental interests of the Parish within the Neighbourhood Plan area.
6. General Matters
The Terms of Reference will be continually reviewed during the life of the project and relevant amendments will be made following recommendations by the Steering Committee to the Parish Council, or directly by the Parish Council.
The Steering Committee will regularly report its finding and progress to the Parish Council including the ongoing budgetary implications associated with the project. Any proposed expenditure by the Steering Committee will have to be approved by the parish Council, apart from the cost of the first meeting.
The first meeting of the Steering Committee will be organised by the Parish Council and be Chaired by a member of the Parish Council, supported by relevant officers of the local authority. 
The agenda at the first meeting of the Steering Committee will include:
1.      Membership of the Steering Committees
2.      The election of a Chairman and Vice Chairman for the Steering Committees
3.      Agreeing it's Terms of Reference.
4.      Identifying specific roles and responsibility
5.      Agreeing what resources may be required from the Local Authority.
6.      Identifying information sources
7.      Discussion regarding the requirement for a sustainability appraisal
8.      Determining the frequency, time and location of meetings and the person responsible for setting them up.
9.      Determining any training needs for the Committee



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