September 2015

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“Full and in-depth information relating to the proposed development on the eastern edge of Oxspring, facilitating aspirations of the Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Group”


The above statement appears on Yorkshire Land's Oxspring Fields Development website, and the Parish Council and members of the Neighbourhood Plan group are concerned that it appears to suggest that the proposal facilitates the aspirations of the Parish Council and the residents of Oxspring.


We have asked Yorkshire land to remove the statement from their website but through their planning consultants PBP they have emphatically declined to do so, on the basis that that they feel the development on Oxspring Fields would facilitate a number of the aspirations of the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Group.


However, as Yorkshire Land have not yet had sight of our draft Neighbourhood Plan, which is not yet out for consultation, we feel it necessary to advise you that their plans to build approximately 100 - 150 new homes on the Oxspring Fields site in no way relates to our draft plan, and consequently does not conform to the aspirations of either the Parish Council, or the residents of the village of Oxspring. 


18th September 2015

Notice: Planning Application 2014/0482 - Land Adjacent to Millstones

This planning application for 4 detatched dwellings on land adjacent to Millstones submitted by Yorkshire Land Ltd was refused planning permission by BMBC in 2014.

In April 2015 the developer Yorkshire Land appealed to the Secretary of State against the decision to refuse to grant planning permission.

On the 1st September 2015 the Planning Inspectorate made the decision to dismiss the appeal. The details and reasons for dismssing the appeal can be read in the following document:

7 Sept 2015 Minutes

7 Sep 2015

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5 Oct 2015

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