January 2015

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Dial A Ride Door 2 Door Services in Barnsley

Dial a Ride Service for people who cannot use standard public transport

No matter what age you are, if you find it difficult to use standard public transport then you can apply to use a Door 2 Door service instead.

Door 2 Door services are designed for people who cannot use standard public transport.

Each service will pick you up from your home and can take you around your local area and beyond.

Door 2 Door is great for meeting new people,making new friends and being able to visit places you couldn’t get to before.

If you want to travel to the town centre or a local supermarket, Shopper Bus is the best service for you. It offers transport from your home on a Monday or Thursday.


Car Stolen in Oxspring

At 10pm on the evening of Tuesday 13th January a 4x4 Toyota was stolen from a driveway on Sheffield Road. The owners were in the house at the time.

This is a timely reminder to make sure that you stay alert for unusual activity and make sure your property is secured.

If you see this vehicle please inform the Police.

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